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Creative Spirit Counseling

Our Beginning

It all started with a truly random idea. One of those "wake-you-up-in-the-middle-of-the-night" ideas.... therapy doesn't have to be based in tradition! The idea that therapy could embrace the uniqueness, the quirkiness, the passion of each individual that walks through the door. 

Creative Spirit opened the door to the public in October of 2019. Emily Jones set out to create a space for the odd ones. The people that have struggled to belong. The individuals who have fought to be uniquely themselves and have not found a solid place to heal. 

Our Mission

Creative Spirit Counseling seeks to provide a unique approach to mental health by allowing individuals to show up as they are. Creative Spirit Counseling strives to provide thought, care, creativity, and humor as integral parts of the healing process. Creative Spirit works to develop unique approaches for each individual as no two individuals are the same and should be treated with dignity and worth. Emphasis is placed on the relationship with the client and not on the individual’s diagnosis.

Our Values







Community Partnership

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