Mental Health Therapy

The therapists at Creative Spirit Counseling are passionate about bringing individualized and creative therapeutic approaches to healing. Creativity in therapy doesn't necessarily mean art or crafts. Sometimes it's as simple as "let's go outside today!". It can also be as complex as fully assessing the individual as a HUMAN instead of a diagnosis and meeting that person EXACTLY where they are in the healing process. If you're new to therapy or looking for something different, check out our amazing providers!



Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Founder, Clinical Director, Therapist

I believe that in order to create lasting change, we need to get creative in our approach. We meet people where they are at, develop a relationship, and build interventions that address their wants, needs, and strengths. We are ALL creative spirits.

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Licensed Clinical Social Worker

I believe that creativity lies in the uniqueness of our own personal journeys, be that through art or simply the ways we view ourselves and our lives. To me, creativity means openness, passion, and exploration, all of which are important to an overall sense of fulfillment.

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Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Creativity means providing an environment for one to feel like they can be themselves and open their mind to the possibilities of their healing journey. Therapy is often looked at being a place where there is very little out of the box thinking or fun, but that is not the case here. Incorporating creativity within therapy encourages the expression of each person and having a fun, while growing as an individual.

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Licensed Master of Social Work

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